LogoNutricula World Wide is named after the potentially immortal Jellyfish, Turritopsis Nutricula, the only animal that is capable of physiologically reverting back to its infancy once it has reached a biologically advanced adult stage.

Often referred to as “a living foundation of youth”, the action of Turritopsis Nutricula defies theories concerning chronologic maturity of the species.

Although the exact mechanics of how this is accomplished by this unique ocean-dweller is not totally understood by marine biologists, geneticists, molecular biologists, nor by life-scientists of any kind, neither is the prodigy of the life-cycle itself.  What is known is that this creature does possess a true mechanism which allows it supreme longevity…at least more than the typical “requisitioned” time format.

As humans, this is what we strive for…the essence of longevity and living a long, and yet, healthy life!

The contributors, staff, and writers of Nutricula are visionaries who not only focus on solutions to the present health and longevity challenges, but are constantly seeking out new ideas and knowledge.

In addition, all the individuals involved with Nutricula are developing innovative, tangible concepts to put into use for the purpose of alleviating the numerous medical, health, nutritional/nourishment, economic and environmental challenges/road blocks that are now present and for those that are foreseen in the “not-so-distant” future.

Most importantly, everyone at Nutricula are committed to make this most valuable information available to all!!!!