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 Cancer Immunotherapy with MRT ELFAHEX, an Alpha-Glucan-Rich, Cultured Mushroom Extract – A Review

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 Mushroom polysaccharides derived from medicinal mushrooms are well established to have immune-modulating and anti-tumor properties.  However, with a molecular weight of up to 300,000 Daltons, they are too large to be absorbed efficiently by the human body.  MRT ELFAHEX is […]


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When we think of modern medicine, the first thoughts that come to mind are pills and maybe

When we think of modern medicine, the first thoughts that come to mind are pills and maybe the liquid form that you are only supposed to take a teaspoon of. But what if there have been different forms of medicine around us for […]

  • Salmon

Omega 3s: Is It The Fish Or Just A Fish Story??
By Mark Becker

As I stood on shore at the 2011 2-mile Pier-to-Pier swim from Hermosa Pier to Manhattan Pier contemplating the swim that lie ahead, I thought to myself, my great health has a lot to do with the sea life that thrives in the body of water before me – The Great Pacific Ocean!

What […]